Embroidery in Dinalupihan, Central Luzon for sale

Single Head 12 Needles
Features and Specification
Resolution: 800*480
Speed:500-1000 rpm
Stitching Length: 0.1mm-12.7mm
Electricity:1 phase:220v (50/60hz)
Watts: 1 heads-500 watts
Data Exchage: USB Disk, Floppy disk and Network
Format:Binary, Ternary, and Z-nary
Language: Chinese, English,Spanish etc.
Safety Device: Emergency Stop, Error Code Message
Automatic upper/under thread trimmers
Supporting high speed sequin device
Adopt Jumping stepping motor
Servo motor
LCD display showing real time stitching
Automatic Color Change
Thread break detection
Memory Capacity 2,000,000 stitches